Selling Art at a Country Fair

As a true lover of the Arts, I love to dabble in new and unique ideas. I often wondered whether not having a particular ‘style’ was a faux pas, but have begun to realise that I love learning and evolving far more than I love perfecting one thing (although that doesn’t mean I’m not a perfectionist!). I decided recently to expand sales of smaller pieces of my work which is what led me to researching selling art a a country fair.

I have always enjoyed working to a large scale but recently I have enjoyed sitting peacefully by the boat and focussing on miniature studies; particularly all things nature! My love of pen and ink along with relief carving has given me a beautiful fusion of quaint pieces, perfect art to sell at a craft fair! So this is where I found myself. I began by putting a small display in the Applestore Cafe and on Day 1 my beautiful Bumble Bee sold! Fantastic I thought! What if I could sell more of my art at arts and crafts fairs?

The problem was mainly that I don’t like craft fairs - never really have. I find them mostly full of tat or bought in goods rather than handcrafted unique items. I decided to set about researching THE BEST craft fairs to showcase my work. This is my time, my effort and my money (they aren’t cheap to take part) so I want to make sure it’s a good investment. In the end I realised that selling my art at a Country Show would be the best option. Or at least that’s my current plan!

Many of the smaller ‘village hall’ affairs are just not where my work would fit in and wouldn’t reach a wide enough market, and the commercial Art Fairs are much more about vanity and charge a hefty premium. A Country Fair is a happy medium. An organised event, with lots of footfall, a range of beautiful gifts and artwork so I’m not competing with a hundred other fine artists, and best of all it suits my miniature pieces which are also all nature based. This way I can tailor my ‘stock’ to the event. A tractor event you say? Tractor drawings coming right up!

And the best bit? I love doing it. Everyone is attracted to nature and the outdoors and I love seeing someone feel a connection with one of my pieces because it speaks to them in some way. The smaller pieces are practical and affordable, making my artwork accessible to all.


You can visit me at my first Country Show in Todmorden at the Todmorden Agricultural Show on Saturday 15th June. And don’t forget to check my Events page for more details of upcoming Shows, Exhibitions and much more!